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Professional Edition

Large-size salon packaging is now also available for you to enjoy~!

1. Herbal Cleansing Milk mild (vitamin C)  500ml
2. Rose Cown Rosewater Skin Tonic Cleansing Lotion  500ml/1000ml
3. Herbal Facial Liquid Cleanser with Amino acid & Vitamin C  500ml
4. Floral Microbead Scrub  400g
5. Balancing Toner  500ml/1000ml
6. Aloe Vera Gel with seaweed extract  500ml
7. Alpha Hydroxy Beauty Essence  250ml
8. Vitamin-C Beauty Essence  250ml
9. Acnecure Treatment Gel  250ml
10. Rose Mosqueta Oil (rosehip oil)  250ml
11. Floral Microbead Moisture-Plus Mask  500g
12. Aromatic Mask Water  500ml
13. Rose Crown Body Sculpture Slimming Essence  500ml
14. Rose Crown Herbal Whitening Body Mask  1000ml
15. Grapeseed Oil  500ml/1000ml
16. Sweet Almond Oil  500ml/1000ml
17. Massage Oil  1000ml

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